Things to see and do in the area

The area around Lafage contains some of the tourist highlights of France as well as many lesser known but equally interesting attractions.


One of the must see sites not just of the area but in the whole of France. The spectacular Cité de Carcassone needs to be seen to be believed. Carcassonne is around 40 minutes drive from Lafage and as well as the medieval walled old town there are many other things to see in do in and around the city.


If you walk the short distance up the hill from the house to the hamlet of Fage you can see the spectacular mountain chain of the Pyrenees to the south of the village. The mountains dominate the views wherever you go and it is well worth taking a closer look, especially if you enjoy cycling or walking. Ask us about the best places to go walking or riding depending on your experience and what you are looking for. There are many great starting points to explore the valleys and mountains of the Pyrenees less than an hour away from Lafage.


Capital of the Ariege department, this city is well worth a visit. Around 45 minutes drive from Lafage, Foix is set in the foothills of the Pyrenees and boasts a spectacular castle that towers of the town as well as pretty streets full of cafes and restaurants. 


Closer to Lafage is the medieval town of Mirepoix. The town is a mere ten minutes drive south of Lafage and as well as a beautiful square and cathedral there are a large number of souvenir shops, cafes, bars and restaurants in this tourist hotspot. On Mondays the town hosts a huge market with plenty of local delicacies and crafts.


In the other direction to Carcassonne is the magnificent pink city of Toulouse. As well as the beautiful architecture there are plenty of churches, museums and galleries to enjoy and an abundance of restaurants, shops and cafes. The centre of Toulouse is around an hour away from Lafage and the city deserves at least a whole day to be fully appreciated.

Around Lafage

The rural area around Lafage is perfect for walking and/or cycling with hundreds of tracks, paths and roads that are often deserted. Please ask us about the best local routes for walking and the hills to seek out (or avoid) for cyclists.

Grottes de Niaux

Just outside of the small town of Tarascon in the Pyrenees are the impressive prehistoric drawings in the Grottes de Niaux. Advanced booking online is almost always necessary but the tours which last around 90 minutes (and are only for those with solid footwear and no mobility problems) are well worth the trip and the price. It is one of the few caves where you can see the actual drawings made by prehistoric man over 12 000 years ago.